Lokaverkefni /// 2005 Texti, Hljverk, Mlverk

egar g var ltil stlka var g oftar en einu sinni spur "hva tlar a vera egar ert orin str?" Satt best a segja oldi g ekki essa spurningu en svarai henni samt me einlgni. g tlai a giftast pabba mnum. raun og veru var g aeins a leitast eftir ryggi. Flestir sem leita til spmila eru eir sem eru ryggir me framtina. Vita ekki hvorn ftinn eir eiga a stga og eru hamingjusamir. Spmilarnir tala san um hver er a fylgast me manni af himnum ofan og vsa manni veginn. eir tala um tr og krleik. eir tala um brn, peninga og st. eir tala um a rkta lkama sinn og tala san um framtina. Fyrir mr er etta enn ein leiin til ess a f svari vi hva g a vera egar g er orin str. Enn ein leiin til ess a f a vita hvort maur muni last hamingju. Eftir a hafa fari til riggja spmila me stuttu millibili er g ekkert hamingjusamari n vsari me framtina. g man ekki helminginn sem var sagt vi mig. g man bara a sem mr fannst raunhft eins og a a g tti a fara kr. g er flsk og hata a syngja. mlverkunum notast g vi setningar sem gra mr gan htt. Mlverkin eru unnin t fr tilfinningu sem skapast en auvita er g undir hrifum fr v sem g er a hugsa og gera hverju sinni.


Final work /// 2005 Text, Audio, Paintings

When I was a little girl I was often asked: "What are you going to be when you grow up?". Truthfully told, I always hated the question, but answered it sincerely. I was going to marry my dad. All I was really looking for was safety. Most of the people who go to psychics are insecure about their future. They are confused and unsatisfied with their lives. The psychics tell you about people who are watching you and guiding from heaven. They talk about faith and charity, children, money and love. They tell you that it might be good for you to get exercise and talk about the future. To me, this is just another way for people to get an answer to what they are going to be when they grow up. Yet another way to know whether they will become happy. After having gone to three psychics during a short period of time, I am neither happier nor safer about the future. I don't remember half of what I was told. I just remember advice which I thought was unrealistic, like that I should be in a choir. I can't carry a tune and hate singing. In my paintings, I use sentences which provoke me in a good sense. I work at the paintings based on what I feel when I am creating them, but of course I am influenced by what I am thinking or doing each time.